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Lifewave Purpose

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We’re here to help people feel better, look younger and lead more joyful lives. We do this through wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency, and through business opportunities that inspire personal and professional fulfillment.

Lifewave Purpose...

While it’s true that you only get one precious life, it’s also true that there are many ways to make yours long and meaningful. If you can dream big, just about anything is possible, and we believe LifeWave is a wonderful place to start.


With a primary focus on helping people around the world live healthier, more personally enriching lives, we’ve been making dreams come true since 2004. And it all begins with natural wellness products that help people look and feel their very best.  

Our mission is to maximize human potential, giving people around the globe the ability to live long and live well. Our technologies offer freedom from pain, natural energy, restful sleep, dramatic anti-aging benefits, and protection from harmful radiation. Our business offers an unparalleled opportunity, freeing yourself from the mundane by taking control of your life and future now.

Our products can also become the foundation for owning and running a successful LifeWave business on your terms. With unmatched flexibility, you can work just a few hours a week or develop a full-time career. The level of commitment is completely up to you.


So no matter what path you choose with LifeWave, I encourage you to join our global community and live your one precious life to the fullest. Begin your journey today.

Live Long. Live Well.


David Schmidt Founder and CEO, Lifewave, Inc.

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