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Lifewave Opportunity

LifeWave is committed to rewarding its Distributors with one of the highest commission payouts in network marketing. Inspired by the ingenuity and power of the products, the LifeWave Compensation Plan provides an exceptional opportunity for both immediate and long-term income. The plan combines the best elements of different types of network marketing plans, and pays commission in five distinct ways. 

Compound Marketing: LifeWave uses a binary system and a feature called Compound Marketing. Just like money earns interest in a bank account,  Compound Marketing continually stores and accrues your previous work.

With the binary system, you are only required to build two teams (legs). Points are awarded on all volume generated from sales, no matter how deep in the organization it comes from or who drives the sale. Whether that is someone in your down-line, someone in your up-line, or yourself, the points keep accumulating to unlimited depth. This is the essence of LifeWave’s compensation plan.

Informal Webinar about Lifewave Opportunity and with Friends & Colleagues in Lifewave, Inc PhotoTherapy & Bio-Modular Technology
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