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Hi!  I'm Flip! I'm the Host for this Podcast! This is me in the ICU recovering from having zero immunity from Chemo and getting sepsis last Thanksgiving!  Its a long story I tell in my first podcasts. I'm sure some of you have stories as crazy as that.

This podcast is my way of paying forward my fortune to be in recovery and likely cancer free.  No, we never expect to get cancer. But, after the fact, we may not expect to be free of it either! 

If you, a family member or friend is struggling with cancer, a survivor, have a family member or doctor, who may have a "Big C" story they are holding, or wish to share to help others, you've come to the right place!

This forum is open to cancer survivors and patients of any diagnosis, treatment or length of illness who wish to tell their cancer stories. Cancer Chronicles is also open to cancer clinics and wellness centers to send patients and stakeholders to us. I will facilitate conversation, and help them relay so others can hear these narratives, regardless if they are difficult, funny, sad or happy. The podcast will also be open to affected family members of those who have suffered, and/or passed. I will also host oncologists, doctors, therapists, nurses and others who may wish to give the perspective of caregivers. My job will be to be facilitating and help participants feel as comfortable as possible when relaying possibly one or more of the most troubling events in their lives. But, I also invite those who have not had direct experience with this disease, to listen and tell others about this collection of stories. 

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So, though there will be space for expressing one's feelings, outside the experience of ones story, this will no be a place of discussing politics, trashing others by name, or poo-pooing other treatments and products.  If there are people to thank, legal treatments and products that helped you, no problem. Tell all!  the point is to keep us on the subject of your life and how cancer effected it.

Cancer Chronicles should be a space to tell your story, hopefully with a sense of humor, but also addressing the fear and unknown future Cancer places in our path. I will be encouraging those feelings to find a home, with as much happiness, joy, love, gratefulness and forgiveness as we can muster. But, like all homes, it may also be a container to express anger, frustration, resentment and sadness without violence. Mostly, this is a place to create a space where those affirmative or difficult emotions about being beset with illness, to resolve into acceptance, courage, resilience and hope.

If you’d like to participate or even watch and listen to these Podcasts, contact me here:

Wouldn’t it be lovely if each episode I record and/or film could be a “happy place”? But, having been through this myself, as many of you know, that's just not how it always goes. But, what this series of podcasts will be is a safe place to tell the truth.

Cancer Chronicles Podcast

For Information about participating in or viewing the Podcast and Youtube Channel, Please contact me,
Cancer Chronicles Podcast, c/o Philip Rosemond,
POB 578, Flint Hill, VA 22627


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