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Body, Kinesis & Fitness

Therapeutic Movement for Elders

Improving the health of my clients is the main objective in Therapeutic Movement. My priority is to develop and increase their agility and stamina in Functional Movement, control and modulation of movement in Kinesis, and their strength and  capacity to handle objects and their own body weight in Fitness.

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Functional Movement

for Elders

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Sensory Motor & Coordination Practice




for Elders

Functional Movement class  is for people struggling with recovery from injury, disease oriented 

movement issues, age related issues, coordination issues that are habitual or related to injury. The class is also for those interested in exploring a larger range of movement options than they have in the past. 

We use simple movements beginning with the arms and head, working through the body to the legs, seated in a chair and standing at the ballet barre. We use chairs, the ballet barre, fitness balls and other simple tools to help the students with their specific issues. No student is pushed to work beyond their ability, rather they are encouraged to work towards better mobility, flexibility and stamina. 

"Kinesis" Sensory Motor and Coordination practice is used in all three of these classes. But, in Kinesis class, we concentrate specifically on spatial movement patterning to redevelop everyday movements that due to injury illness or simply loss of movement from lack of practice. as a form a facilitated movement class.

class draws directly from the Laban Bartenieff Movement systems another techniques. We incorporate Basic Human Fundamental Movements, Body Shaping, Spatial Pathways, Phrasing, & Movement Dynamics. We use props such as balls, bands and light weights to assist practice.  

Fitness for class/classes are for people who are healthy to moderately disabled, thus able to get up off of the floor by themselves if they need to.  Like the TMC class, this class will concentrate upon core strength, alignment, flexibility, posture, 

balance and coordination. How-ever, it is meant for people who are more able to handle more load and stamina.

This class uses balls, bands, weights and other props to 
achieve increase fitness. 

Therapeutic Movement & the other related classes in Body, Kinesis & Fitness are normally taught at Mountainside Dance Center thru Mountainside P.T., on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Now due to Covid, classes will occur online thru Zoom streaming. Contact for more information.

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