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Movement, Dance & Ballet

Body in Mind, in Space & Time

Classical & Contemporary Ballet

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CLASSICAL BALLET, also known as European Theatrical Dance. Philip teaches in the method of training referred to as the “Vaganova Method.” as well as influences from The French methods. The Vaganova Method is the curriculum created in 1932 for schools in what is now, Russia. It is based upon the early Imperial Russian, French classical dance aesthetic. As per the wishes of Mdm. Vaganova, the method must be upgraded continually to meet the current ever-growing technical and artistic standards of the art form, for the time it is being taught and performed. It teaches grace, aplomb, joy, musicality, discipline; creating growth and confidence by making a movement technique, that seems be foreign to the human body, as natural to move in for the dancer, as it is for a non-dancer to simply walk. 

Its main attribute, that differs from most Western European forms, is that the dancer is taught positions and movements relative to space and the audience observers, versus simply teaching the dancers body in relation to itself, as if the body is more important than the dance. The principles of this method is based upon Three Studies: The Study of Positions. The Study of Moving between these Positions. And, the Study of Moving through those Positions.

Philip also teaches Contemporary Ballet, which is very similar to Contemporary Dance, but with a strong foundation in Ballet, altering the rules for neo-modernism and contemporary methods.

Philip teaches Classical Ballet through Zoom online and in the Studio at Mountainside Dance Center (MDC) in Rappahannock County VA. Email Philip for more information.

Modern & Contemporary Dance

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Philip’s MODERN DANCE Classes are based in Lester Horton Technique, Release Technique, and Improvisation, both training technique, choreography physically, as well as influencing personal movement exploration.  He uses the Laban Bartenieff Movement System as an approach working with technique, dance aesthetics, basic movement patterns and to further personal movement exploration. The class is open to teens through adults. Note that due to the C19 pandemic, this class or coaching is available upon request, in person or through Zoom streaming. Please Email Philip for more information.


Philip’s CONTEMPORARY DANCE Class is based in Modern Dance, Post Modern Dance, Cuban Contemporary Dance, Ballet and other dance forms.


Modern Dance is the theory and practice of movement fundamentals such as rhythm, breath techniques, spatial awareness and range of motion to create dance. It is said that Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance is any pose or movement possible for the human body to make. The result is that there are many modern and contemporary dance methods developed from the early 20th century to present, incorporating a wide range of movements. 


Contemporary Dance is a fusion of dance techniques, to create a open source basis for movement, without rejecting influences by either dancers nor culture. Some historians believe that Merce Cunningham was the first to explore in this area, but the term began to be applied to dance performance in its wider explorations beginning in the 1980s.

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Experiencial, Exploratortory and Improvisational Movement.

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EXPERIENTIAL MOVEMENT  is for adults of all ages or mature teens, who wish to explore movement and their bodies through movement and dance in a safe space. The foundation of this class is based in the Laban Bartenieff Movement System, Doris Humphrey's Fall & Recovery, and ideas from Body Mind Centering. This class does not focus upon “technique”, rather uses guided instructions, visualizations and improvised movement to encourage a personal exploration of movement and a variety of simple dance forms.

The class begins lying and seated on the floor working with movement fundamentals, engaged alignment through floor work, standing and movement explorations. It  ends with gentle restorative poses, breathing techniques, yoga based movement. This class or coaching is available upon request, in person or through Zoom streaming. Please Email Philip for more information.

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