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Rosemond Consulting Services, LLC

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Rosemond Consulting Services, llc, is an Arts Consulting Service, and a Sole Proprietorship owned and operated Philip S. Rosemond, CMA, who actively contracts as:
~ An Arts, Dance & Theatre Educator, Coach ~ Artistic Consultant for Arts & Dance Organizations. ~ Fine Arts, Theatre and Dance Collections Archivist, Performance and Gallery Curator.

~ Injury and Elders Recovery Movement and Fitness Specialist. ~ Balance & Fall Prevention Specialist.
~ Training, Career, Aesthetics  and Cultural Consultant for Performing Artists.

~ Novatech, iHub Global, & Lifewave consultant health and wealth growth.

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To effect cultural growth through educating and promoting the arts, health, wealth and fitness.


~ To provide meaningful and lasting service to the arts and artists, dance and dancers, confidence to performers to communicate passed the proscenium arch, to reach beyond the shallowness of entertainment, but instead to effect the hearts and minds of their audience. 
~ To facilitate fitness for elders and those in recovery, balance for those who fear falling, and health to those in need.
~ To research and guide arts students and professionals, providing perspective historical and aesthetic background to the a more universal view of the arts and world in general.

~ To provide those both in and outside the arts communities & beyond, a passive income through health, wealth and  financial opportunities to supplement their incomes while pursuing careers and life objectives.

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