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Therapeutic Movement Class

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"TMC" is a class offered in conjunction with Mountainside Physical Therapy & Mountainside Dance Center.

Therapeutic Movement Class is for people struggling with recovery from injury, disease oriented movement issues, age related issues, coordination issues that are habitual or related to injury. The class is also for those interested in exploring a larger range of movement options than they have in the past.


The class is overseen by Physical Therapist, and facilitated by Movement and Dance specialist Philip Rosemond. The class is instructed and guided addressing the needs of the classes as a whole, as well as concerning each client on their specific issues. The class is designed to use simple movements beginning with the arms and head, working through the body to the legs, seated in a chair and standing at the ballet barre. We use chairs, the ballet barre, "therabands," fitness balls and other simple tools to help the students with their specific issues.


No student is pushed to work beyond their ability, rather they are encouraged to work towards better mobility, flexibility and stamina. Some of the techniques we incorporate are drawn from floor work, yoga and other movement modalities designed to help both general as well as specific movement issues. The class is held at Mountainside Dance Center, but is a program run by Mountainside Physical Therapy, 
This class will be made available online through Zoom, Pending Covid Restrictions and the Ability of at-risk persons to attend!)

  • $15 for one class, $25 if two classes are paid in advance at MPT.

    • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:15 to 11:00am.  

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What do we do in Therapeutic Movement Class (TMC)

The Therapeutic Movement Class (TMC) and exercise programs are based upon standard techniques used by many trainers, as well as newly proven methods to help our clients and patient gain more freedom of movement in their everyday life.  For this reason, this class goes well beyond most programs. We utilize: 

  • aerobic/anaerobic metabolic exercises

  • strength training, bands, push-pull, etc. combined with

  • the 7 types of stretch exercises, including:

    • static active and passive stretching.  

    • Dynamic and Ballistic stretching.

  • The main emphasis on: 

    • Myfacial Release and Fascial Stretching and movement ,

    • "PNF" Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Release, that uses receptors to improve the nerves & muscles response in the body.  (see below)

  • agility: gait practices, sit/stand, reaching.

  • equilibria training in balance.

  • practice towards reestablishing coordination due lack of use of sensory-motor function interoception (meaning the “felt sense”), 

  • visual and auditory focus and cognition

  •  positioning and movements using spatial awareness (exteroception)…

  •  …in conjunction with Cross-Lateral movements (“PNF”) as well as Exercises utilizing Sensory Motor Repetition, (meaning, practicing coordination), and strengthening equilibrioception, (meaning the ability to balance).  


TMC begins in chairs, and then standing at ballet barres. No part of this class is practiced seated or lying on the floor, due to the inability of many participants to rise or stand from the ground.  

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