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Space & Balance

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Are You Sufferng from Dizziness &

Lack of Balance as You Age?

Are You Fearful of  Falling when Moving in your Place or Environment?

Then "FALL with GRACE" class May Be for You!


Fall with Grace(sm) ("FwG") is a program specifically designed for people who suffer from vestibular and balance issues, regardless if the cause is injury, cognitive, visual or equilibrial difficulties. The class will begin with discussion about each person's issues with balance, falling, and subsequent fears that have arisen.  This is followed by a warm up similar to Therapeutic Movement class. Then we go on to observe gait posture and movement. Together we will identify the specifics of the participant’s fear of falling, what internal situations and external environments they tend to fall, and how to avoid those situations.  We go on to work on the individual's "style" of falling, based upon their movement patterns, correcting of bypassing physical and cognitive difficulties, including fears, and  lifestyle.  We then work with negotiating external environments, including locus and common environments in which they live and interact.


Some of this is similar to how many fall prevention programs work and end. Most loss of balance and falls occur because of two basic causations: internal which is most common, and external that are avoidable.  Internal failure can be cognition of balance, weakness injury illness etc. External reasons occur because of force or obstacle.  

Most programs will only address external causes of falls such as static obstacles in the subjects path  (remedied only either by limiting the persons access to environments and/or removal of obstacles), and/or impuse caused (moving objects pushing or striking the subject).  “Fall with Grace” then goes on to address, first, how to prevent a fall if it begins to happen through, immediate identification, breath, vision and stance. We first work with observation environment and self (interoception and interoception).  Only if and/or when the participant is ready and able, the program will continue for those participants, with how to fall, if you fall.  This is taught so a fall can be performed with “grace” ease and facility, if it is inevitable.  It begins with bending seated fall and recovery, and, again, only with demonstrable ability, will we work with falling from a standing position, objects.  And finally, how to recover from a fall.  


The program is designed to take the fear out of falling, by teaching skills that can help the participant learn to be in control of a fall, instead of the fall controlling them. Ergo, all students must be enrolled in some sort of fitness class, whether this be any one of my Therapeutic Movement classes, or another program elsewhere.  Where isn't important.  Actively pursuing fitness is imperative.


Note: because fall prevention is not  fool proof, There can be no guarantee. Therefore, this program is designed to (1) help a person prevent a fall, or (2) "break and protect" a fall if the fall is inevitable. (Such a fall may cause bruises, but if performed correctly with as little injury as possible). The technique teaches an individual  to "Fall and Recover," not fall and be at the mercy of the environment and lack of control in which such a fall can result. Not that I  only teach "Break and Protect," "Fall and Recover," to students fit enough to practice. And, even then it is done with support from others as well as padded and cushioned surfaces.  

For More Details on the specifics of how "FwG" works, and the research that went into its development, here is an article by Philip Rosemond.  Email Philip for scheduling private appointments or an FwG class online or in person.

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