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On Body, Space & Somatics

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In this area of writing, I will be discussing ideas in regards to how beings view their container or body, how they observe that body as a sense of self and the environment, world Mind and Space in which they live and beyond. Below are the topics, linked one to another, we will be discussing. The below is the first of this exploration.

A Cycle of Mind.

Corpus acts as the Brain thinks. But when the Brain is quiet the Body seeks the Space of Mind

Corpus and Brain are not the same,

but Brain is part of Corpus in the Body of Space.

Body and Space are the same,

as Space is the Body of Empitiness.

Empitiness and Space are the same,

but not all of Space is Empty, as Emptiness seeks the Body of Mind.

Emptiness and Mind are the same as Space,

but Mind holds the Space of Corpus.

Corpus and Mind are not the same,

but Corpus is part of Space and the Body of Mind.

The Space of Corpus holds the Body of Thought,

but the Body of Thought is the Brain, mistaking itself for Mind.

Corpus acts as the Brain thinks.

But when the Brain is quiet the Body seeks the Space of Mind.

Philip S. Rosemond, © 5-20-2021


The paragraphs below can be placed in any order. The order does not change their meaning, but can change the logical flow so the entire statement has more meaning. There are likely mistakes of logic in the entirety. The writing of them is to explore the possibilities of Mind, Space, Body, Consciousness and Self, in terms of Thought, Brain, Corpus and Form.

Is Brain the Same as Mind?

In my opinion we confuse the illusory conceptual idea of "Mind" with the reality of a funcitoning Brain. The Mind is insightful but quiet. The brain thinks and manages. We know where Brain is. But, Mind? That is a big part of the question.

Brain in Corpus.

A functional body is controlled and operated by brain. The brain also manages the observance and commentary of self and other. Why is it then, that when a person gains mastery over contemplation the brain tends to function better when it is not overburdened by thought. It follows that the brain is part of body, in the same way a computer is part of a driverless car: it runs the show....or does it?

Body of Thought

So when Thought, the conscious function of Brain, continues to observe, assess, disseminate, conclude and judge its content, consciousness has less ability to see the world and self as it is. Self then confuses what it is thinking, as being the reality of the world. Then, when thought becomes the prime belief of the world, the only world the person can see is the world her/his thought creates. However, when one can access Mind, then Mind can observe the thought as a confused being. Then Mind can gain insight into seeing world and self "as it is," beyond the constructs of thought. Thinking becomes Empty, Mind becomes Space, Space becomes the Mind of Insight.

Form, Corpus and Body.

In a thesaurus you will find that "Corpus" and "Body" mean the same thing. However, though Corpus can be used as a descriptor for a literal "body," the Relative Form of bodies. I.E. human body, animal body etc. However, unlike "Corpus," "Body" can be used more macrocosmically, "body of work," "celestial bodies," etc. In terms of expanding the potential of the human being, corpus et al, I wish to explore the Body within and beyond its own Form, its own "Kinisphere*" of physical Reach Space, and even the Dynamoshere of its physical outward Range of Motion, into the Space of our ability to imagine and/or see beyond our Sphere of pragmatic reality. Indeed, our corporeal Form-Body can assist this process by moving into the "Body Animate," even if only within its relative parameters of everyday motion.

Body as Mind

If "Corpus" is then Body and thus is so inclusive of the Anaimate form, it follows that there is a governing principle that goes far beyond any idea of "this world." To identify this would be folly. So, though this can be explored, I will not make a fool's errand by stating any assertion as reality without proof. But, I will state that whatever this governing principle is, it dwells within us, and well beyond us, and well beyond this aggregate corpus in which we mostly live. And this principle is Mind and is thus the same as Space.

Mind as Space.

We can then assert that Mind - this quiet observer/actor who lurks in the realm of consciousness, but not thought, must then be an awareness beyond any idea of being strictly a function of Corporeal Body. Mind, thus exists in Space. Mind is like an intellect, but has no thought, no function, save maintaining the quiet of space as some sort of awareness. And when one is able to quiet the constant babble of thought, we can glimpse Mind briefly, usually in the form of an arising Insight; an Insight that seems like it came from our Brain, (as thought is the conduit by which it is transmitted) but very obviously from a source not internal nor external to our being. In this, as soon as the idea of "Self" arises, Thought and ego also arise, and any sensed or felt insight is lost. Only when we let go of the aggregate world of thinking, self and ego, can the quiet Space of Mind arise in our consciousness.

Space as Emptiness

But "Space" in the relative sense, is simply empty of form. True empty space is void of energy. Its empty of everything, right? Well, the recent discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle has proven this like incorrect. Therefore, emptiness isn't empty in a relative world. What then can cause Space to have a presence of Mind? Could it be that Emptiness itself is a type of Form? As we've explored Corpus vs. Body, Brain vs. Mind, and here, Mind and Space, it becomes apparent that we live in a universe of dualities...but Universal Dualities suggest that all such "double sided coins" are actually one thing. Ergo, because there is Space and we live in it, Emptiness is both -relative- to those forms within it, and Universal to the Emptiness that dwells within those forms as well. And that Emptiness...includes us!

Emptiness of Corpus & Form.

Our Form, Flesh and Bone are vulnerable to the elements, our own movements and the inevitable wages of time upon our Corpus and the Forms within the environment and Apace we live an interact will dissolve. The only truth to this life is that it is finite. That which is "us," the sentient "us," will die and fade from this world, save that which we have affected, as our Corpae, simply go back to inanimate form. Ergo that Emptiness, that Space that we are a part of, disappears into Space. But the age old question of living people has always been, What happens to that which is remains beyond this world in Mind and in Space?

The Dissolution of Thought, & the Arising of Consciousness and Mind: The Embodiment of Space.

The path to understanding our own Form, is to slowly relinquish our attachment to our beliefs, ideas and filters of the world and Self. Applying ourselves to this process can help our conscious awareness arise, so we become more aware of Mind. When this occurs, in this life, we can thus fuse our Corpus with the Body of Self, and the world we may live in it more functionally and with presence, aware that this is not the only Place, as Mind and Space is the home we may always dwell. © Philip S. Rosemond 5-23-21

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