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Dance is the original form of communication in all its forms. Philip

teaches from the original French and Russian classical schools of Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Horton and other techniques of Modern Dance. He also facilitates Improvisation and Experiential Movement classes, utilizing his own and the Laban Bartenieff Movement System.  These classes are available in person and online for all ages.


Philip works with Dancers, Athletes, and specializes in elders and those with injuries and movement issues. In his Therapeutic Movement Class, he works gently with strength, the 7 types of stretching, agility, sensory motor practices and everyday mobile functionality. In his coaching for rehabilitation from injury, he begins slowly and allows his clients to regain kinetic function at their own pace.  

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The need for balance and a greater understanding of the space we move in requires practice in understanding our equilibrium and relationship with the ground we stand and move, and the space we interact and travel. In his "Fall with Grace" Falls Prevention, Training and Recovery Method, Philip works with body function, focus, 

spatial relationships, and each person's connection with the ground and body and self-awareness.

Clarity: To have clarity of mind, we must not only care give our bodies through movement, awareness of space and place, it is important to understand that our thoughts and emotions are only reactions to our body and outside world. Understanding that we all have the innate capacity towards insight to see ourselves and the world "as it is," is the basis for the Three Principals of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. For help to achieve Clarity of Mind. Contact Philip for Coaching.

Health: Many of you now know, I am recovering from the brutal treatment of Neck and Throat Cancer, and all the pain meds, fatigue, chemo and radiation symptoms etc that goes with it. I was diagnosed after I had my right knee replaced, but the day after my 97 yr. old Mom died. (Its been a heck of a year!)

I will be posting my radiation playlist, that I played for my radiation tech team through all 35 sessions, 5 sessions of chemo (was supposed to be six but my immunes system was so compromised, I spent a week in the ICU with sepsis.

Health means taking an affirmative attitude of acceptance and whatever you do: don't lose your sense of humor! I had three emergency stays in the hospital.  But now? I am well on my way to being able to eat normally, with taste, ability to swallow, salivate and speak.I will find out if I'm cancer free in April. Stay tuned.

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So, a serious illness like cancer caused me to think seriously about my path in life are doing in life. Back in my teens I decided dance would be my life's work, and it has been so. Well, I retired from performing decades ago, (27 years) overlapping with my continuing dance education career (over 45 years now). However, I have slowed down in my 60s. Now that I've had cancer, approaching 70, I'm considering my semi-retirement work. 
Before all this, I was teaching and facilitating classes, and embarking on a career narrating books on recording. However, this cancer has put this on hold until I'm healed. ...

Hopefully soon I will be able to perform recorded books. Until then, I am educating myself regarding creating a YouTube channel. I'm not going to tell you everything here.  But, the channel with be a platform for performers of all levels: ensembles, principals, understudies. the little guys and gals who have one line, populate the back of the stage are as important to me as celebs get the lime light. I should know; I was one of them.  (Think Terry Gross meets James Lipton!)  This will be an opportunity for each person I interview to tell their stories, anecdotes, funny and tragic events, provide videos and other source materials that will enhance these 15 to 40 minute articles. This will be mostly for professional actors, musicians, dancers, and other artists.  But, I will include professional fine artists and craftsmen to. To begin, many of the interviews will be remote. If the channel eventually gets big enough for me to travel, I may live stream the interview, which will remain on on the site.  However, let's not jump the gun. We have to see how well it will work.  if you have any ideas, let me know at for now

Here are a couple of my other side hustles that are mostly hobbies.

-  I found a really inexpensive by high quality supplements company that I like, and use their products.  Now that I'm moving back into the world of the living, ested.  It's called Remember: inexpensive and good! Those are two words I like!

- Lifewave photo-therapeutic products may help your body overcome pain, help with sleep, mental health, regenerate stem cells and more.  Look here for Lightwave distributor's Lifewave products and how this advanced science works. 

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