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Philip S. Rosemond

Consulting Services, LLC

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Dance is the original form of communication in all its forms. Philip

teaches from the original French and Russian classical schools of Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Horton and other techniques of Modern Dance. He also facilitates Improvisation and Experiential Movement classes, utilizing his own and the Laban Bartenieff Movement System.  These classes are available in person and online for all ages.

Philip works with Dancers, Athletes, and specializes in elders and those with injuries and movement issues. In his Therapeutic Movement Class, he works gently with strength, the 7 types of stretching, agility, sensory motor practices and everyday mobile functionality. In his coaching for rehabilitation from injury, he begins slowly and allows his clients to regain kinetic function at their own pace.  

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The need for balance and a greater understanding of the space we move in requires practice in understanding our equilibrium and relationship with the ground we stand and move, and the space we interact and travel. In his "Fall with Grace" Falls Prevention, Training and Recovery Method, Philip works with body function, focus, 

spatial relationships, and each person's connection with the ground and body and self-awareness.

Clarity: To have clarity of mind, we must not only care give our bodies through movement, awareness of space and place, it is important to understand that our thoughts and emotions are only reactions to our body and outside world. Understanding that we all have the innate capacity towards insigh to see ourselves and the world "as it is," is the basis for the Three Principals of Mind, Consciousness and Though. For help to achieve Clarity of Mind. Contact Philip for Coaching.

Lifewave photo-therapeutic products may help your body overcome pain, help with sleep, mental health, regenerate stem cells and more.  Look here for Lightwave distributor's Lifewave products and how this advanced science works.

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What is money?  It is a fiction we have decided is real. We assign this fiction a value based upon what we do, and what services and commodities that value represents. But, the constant printing of more, saturates our personal value to society.  Our labor, services and commodities become worth less. We are devalued by its instability. Its saturation has come to represent poverty more than wealth. What is needed is compounding. As Ben Franklin once said, "Money is of a prolific generating nature: Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more." This founding-father would have loved NOVATECH!

What would it be like if there was a representation of our labors that was stabilized by the quantity of it availability? The value of our labor services and commodities it represented would maintain, if not grow, because, instead of "printing more" that would cause its value to decrease, the value would increase every time someone obtained it, due to increasing scarcity.  We can no longer rely on an unstable, devalued and inflated standard fiat monetary representations, that fluctuate with every war, pandemic and natural disaster. But, we can not longer relay upon inventions of electronic values. the only way to stablilize if not increase it, is to find avenues to compound its value, regardless of what package it comes in. We need secondary if not tertiary markets where we can hedge our value through investments and increase.  In short the "little guys" like us, need a shelter and to diversify the fruits of our labor. But, nor can we rely upon arbitrary electronic representations of 

Now in the 21st century, "currency" has evolved beyond "money." Though, the next evolution in our addition of what is becoming known as Internet 3.0, Web3 and Blockchain, that electronically, takes the value of our labor we have earned and assets we have gained, and increases its value, by keeping the trading of that value fluid.  The more active a market, the more the perception of its worth.  This is true with hard goods and services, but we cannot rely upon those to maintain value as they are finite in their use.  It is currency itself that, through artificially, maintains real value.  This is the only bet worthy of "putting your money on."

There are a variety of opportunities to compound the values using crypto & fiat currencies and a variety of other methods we can invest and work with. 

- NOVATECH is a registered fund utilizing cryptocurrencies, the foreign exchange and the stock markets to compound weekly at high percentage.  Note: Since its inception in 2019 Novatech has never lost money.  In fact, its average weekly bonus commission has been 2 %to 3.25%!! It is available for anyone who has as little was $500 to deposit. There are no perfect funds, and as with any investment, anything can happen, but it is best to go with funds that have a proven track record, as is true for Novatech.

-  I found a really inexpensive by high quality supplements company that I like and use their products.  Now that I'm post surgical with my new knee (Oct. 13th, 2022), I'd like to make this available to anyone out there who may be interested.  It's called Remember: inexpensive and good! Those are two words I like!  

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